Installing meld diff tool on OS X Snow Leopard (using fink)

Install fink

First we're going to install fink as it will provide an OS X-ready version of meld for us (and quite a number of other UNIX programs as well). At the moment you'll need to install fink from source for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). If you're using another version of OS X there are binaries available for 10.1 to 10.5 on the main downloads page. The download for the source version is located at The latest version at the time of this writing is 0.29.10 and can be found directly at Download and save that file somewhere.

Download the tar.gz file and run the following commands:

cd /path/to/download
tar -xvzf fink-0.29.10.tar.gz
cd fink-0.29.10

The installer will go through a bunch of options. If you aren't sure what to select from any of them just use the default.

When that's done run this to set up your current terminal session to use fink:

. /sw/bin/

Then you probably want to add that same line to your .profile or .bash_profile file so that future terminal sessions know where to find fink:

sudo nano ~/.bash_profile

You probably also want to update fink (use default options again if you aren't sure):

fink selfupdate

If you want to see the available fink packages you can run the following, but that list will be very large and take a little while to print out (3611 packages for me):

fink list

Installing meld

Now to install meld:

fink install meld

It may ask you questions on what dependency packages to use. You can pick whatever you feel is best for your system (and you may see a different list than mine depending on your current packages) but just for reference here's what I chose:

Information about 3611 packages read in 0 seconds.

WARNING: The package pygtk2-gtk-py26 has a preferred Depends on scipy-core-py26,
	 but scipy-core-py26 is an obsolete package.

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates:

(1)	db47-aes-shlibs: Shared Libraries for db47-aes
(2)	db47-shlibs: Shared Libraries for db47

Pick one: [1] 2

WARNING: The package fontconfig2-dev Depends on system-xfree86-dev,
	 but system-xfree86-dev only allows things to BuildDepend on it.

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates:

(1)	lynx: Console based web browser
(2)	links: Lynx-like text WWW browser with tables
(3)	w3m: Text-mode WWW browser with tables/frames
(4)	elinks: Development version of Links text WWW browser

Pick one: [1] 1

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates:

(1)	db48-aes: Berkeley DB embedded database - crypto
(2)	db48: Berkeley DB embedded database - non crypto

Pick one: [1] 2

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates:

(1)	ptex-base: ASCII publishing TeX
(2)	ptex-nox-base: ASCII publishing TeX
(3)	tetex-nox-base: Base programs for a teTeX installation
(4)	tetex-base: Base programs for a teTeX installation

Pick one: [1] 1

fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. The candidates:

(1)	ghostscript: Interpreter for PostScript and PDF
(2)	ghostscript-esp: Enhanced GNU Ghostscript with better CJK and printer support
(3)	ghostscript6: Interpreter for PostScript and PDF, v6.01

Pick one: [1] 1

Then you should get a message like this telling you everything that will be installed:

The following package will be installed or updated:
The following 221 additional packages will be installed:
 appleotffonts applesystemfonts atk1 atk1-shlibs audiofile audiofile-bin audiofile-shlibs autoconf automake1.11 automake1.9 avahi avahi-dev blt-dev
 blt-shlibs cairo cairo-shlibs crypt-ssleay-pm5100 cyrus-sasl2-dev cyrus-sasl2-shlibs daemonic db47 db47-shlibs db48 db48-shlibs dbus dbus-dev
 dbus-shlibs docbook-dsssl-nwalsh docbook-dtd docbook-utils docbook-xsl esound esound-bin esound-common esound-shlibs expat1 expat1-shlibs
 fink-obsolete-packages fondu fontconfig2-dev fontconfig2-shlibs freeglut freeglut-shlibs freetype219 freetype219-shlibs gconf2 gconf2-dev gconf2-shlibs
 gd2 gd2-shlibs gdbm3 gdbm3-shlibs gettext-tools ghostscript ghostscript-fonts glib2-dev glib2-shlibs glitz glitz-shlibs gnome-base gnome-common
 gnome-doc-utils gnome-keyring gnome-keyring-dev gnome-keyring-shlibs gnome-mime-data gnome-python2-py26 gnome-python2-py26-dev gnome-vfs2-unified
 gnome-vfs2-unified-dev gnome-vfs2-unified-shlibs gtk+2 gtk+2-dev gtk+2-shlibs gtk-doc html-parser-pm5100 html-tagset-pm intltool40 jadetex libart2
 libart2-shlibs libavahi-client3-shlibs libavahi-common3-shlibs libavahi-core6-shlibs libavahi-glib1-dev libavahi-glib1-shlibs libbonobo2 libbonobo2-dev
 libbonobo2-shlibs libbonoboui2 libbonoboui2-dev libbonoboui2-shlibs libdaemon libdaemon-shlibs libdatrie libdatrie-shlibs libffi libffi-shlibs libgcrypt
 libgcrypt-shlibs libgettext8-dev libglade2 libglade2-shlibs libgnome2 libgnome2-dev libgnome2-shlibs libgnomecanvas2 libgnomecanvas2-dev
 libgnomecanvas2-shlibs libgnomeui2-dev libgnomeui2-shlibs libgpg-error libgpg-error-shlibs libidl2 libidl2-shlibs libjasper.1 libjasper.1-shlibs libjpeg
 libjpeg-bin libjpeg-shlibs libjpeg8-shlibs libkpathsea4 libkpathsea4-shlibs libncursesw5 libncursesw5-shlibs libpng3 libpng3-shlibs librarian.08-shlibs
 libtasn1-3 libtasn1-3-shlibs libthai libthai-dev libthai-shlibs libtiff libtiff-bin libtiff-shlibs libtool14 libtool14-shlibs libtool2 libtool2-shlibs
 libwww libwww-bin libwww-pm5100 libwww-shlibs libxml2 libxml2-bin libxml2-py26 libxml2-shlibs libxslt libxslt-bin libxslt-shlibs lynx m4 make nkf
 nose-py26 numpy-py26 openjade openldap24-dev openldap24-shlibs openmotif3 openmotif3-shlibs opensp4 opensp4-dev opensp4-shlibs orbit2 orbit2-dev
 orbit2-shlibs pango1-xft2-ft219 pango1-xft2-ft219-dev pango1-xft2-ft219-shlibs passwd pixman pixman-shlibs pkgconfig popt popt-shlibs ptex-base
 ptex-texmf ptexenc ptexenc-shlibs pycairo-py26 pycairo-py26-dev pygobject2-py26 pygobject2-py26-dev pygobject2-py26-shlibs pygtk2-gtk-py26
 pygtk2-gtk-py26-dev pyorbit2-py26 pyorbit2-py26-dev python26 python26-shlibs rarian rarian-compat readline5 readline5-shlibs scipy-core-py26
 setuptools-py26 sgml-entities-iso8879 sgmls-pm shared-mime-info sqlite3-dev sqlite3-shlibs system-openssl-dev t1lib5-nox t1lib5-nox-shlibs t1lib5-x11
 t1lib5-x11-shlibs tcltk tcltk-dev tcltk-shlibs tetex-texmf texi2html texinfo uri-pm5100 xdg-base xfontpath xft2-dev xinitrc xmkmf xml-parser-pm5100
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y

After a while of installing things, I ended up getting this error message:

While trying to install:

The following inconsistencies found:
  libgettext8-dev conflicts with libgettext3-dev, but libgettext3-dev is installed

Trying to resolve dependencies...
Could not resolve inconsistent dependencies!

Fink isn't sure how to install the above packages safely. You may be able to fix things by running:

  fink scanpackages
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install libgettext3-dev=0.14.5-2

So I went ahead and ran the suggested steps but got the same error again. Turns out uninstalling libgettext8-dev before installing libgettext3-dev is a better idea, so I added that step in there and ran the following 4 lines:

fink scanpackages
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get remove libgettext8-dev
sudo apt-get install libgettext3-dev=0.14.5-2

Then I ran the meld install command again, selecting the same options as before when prompted to help with dependency choices and default value for everything else:

fink install meld

After a really long time of installing it finally worked. Now just type 'meld' in the Terminal and launch the app!

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